Having the Right Strategy Will Keep Your Grassroots From Being Cut

Grassroots Strategy is built upon whether the campaign is for advocacy of something animal, mineral or vegetable—that is, an issue, initiative, or candidate. The heart of a grassroots campaign has always been found in the roots binding and uniting a community in cause, advocacy or candidate. Like “grass” the strategy of the group finds its growth by spreading among the ordinary, the common, already standing organization, advocacy group, rank and file.



1.  Truly Organic Growth. Grassroots Strategy typically functions under the power and forward movement of volunteers. Whether it be through social media or the cause and effect of mutual agreement of a policy, enable the group to join or band together on its own.

Thus, typical time, effort and money spent in recruiting volunteers can go elsewhere in the organizational structure.

2.  Grassroots Is Not Top Down. Once classed as a “social movement” is today a “grassroots movement.” In the past most movement in the political process came from top-down; the very leadership and social organization of the party – be it local, county, state and of late national. Today anything to do with a grassroots strategy or campaign in the political chain of things… basic, with no – or very little – party leadership.

3.  Pure Grass. The best example of Grassroots Strategy can be found in the study of the American Civil Rights movement – one of the purest examples of grassroots activism to study in American history. Grassroots can be difficult in larger campaigns that transcend neighborhoods, communities and counties. Local campaigns where like-minded supporters are most often found tend to see the greatest success.

4.  Grassroots Strategy Comes With a Price. The grassroots “negative” is it gives huge numbers in people, but not large numbers in terms of big wallets and donations. This is where the talent for digital fundraising among the large numbers in support can make the bank. Most recently the Bernie Sander’s campaign is classified as “Grassroots” and had an average donation of $27 that came in digitally.  This becomes the digital version of “passing the hat.” By using social media and its power to take in dollars it means the donations become immediate dollars for immediate use.

5.  Can I Get An “I Believe!”  Grassroots fundraising is where a powerful message statement must be combined with the “ask.” The strategy here works because the candidate or cause are believed in much more strongly in a grassroots movement. So the strategy is to use very much a whisper campaign in spreading the word of how “a little” can go a long way.

6.  Grow Your Own With Grassroots. Grassroots strategists utilize: Cottage meetings, door to door, phone banks, email trees, and presence at events. Note that this following is “organic”; these volunteers are not “recruited”, therefore they are harder to get to follow directions. Help your volunteers help you. 


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