There are key decisions we make in life that influence our future. Whether it's marriage, divorce, birth of a child, choosing a career, entering the military, deciding whether to pursue a college degree, etc., these are transformative events.  They make us who we are and effect those around us. Running for political office is one of these critical moments.

So before you decide to throw your hat in the ring, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Family. Does your family support you?  Have you talked it through? If they do not support your candidacy, then do not run.
  2. Business Colleagues. Does your employer, business colleagues; or if you own a business, your partners and management, support your efforts? Do they understand you will be away from the office or your hours will be inconsistent? 
  3. Personal Financial Commitment. Have you determined what money you can donate to the campaign without it hurting your family’s future? Are your personal finances sound?
  4. Current Events. Are you current on the policy and political issues you will deal with if elected?  For example:  If you are running for city council, have you been to city council meetings? Do you understand how they do budgets and the financials of the city?  If you are running for Congress, are up to speed on federal issues? Do you subscribe to national news magazines?
  5. Introspective. Are you honest about your strengths and weaknesses? Be introspective.
  6. Fair Weather Friends. Many candidates are naïve (some would say “delusional) on how easy it will be to raise money or who will actually support them publicly.  People who you think are friends and supporters … well to quote Wesley in Princess Bride, “Get use to disappointment.”  And like Inigo Montoya in that classic film, your response needs to be “K” and you move on.  Talk is cheap from most people and you will learn that the hard way. (
  7. Time. Do you have time to run for office? Who watches the kids when your significant other and you are at campaign events?
  8. The Past.  What about your past? Are you willing to have it shared on social media or the front page of the newspaper?  Is your family okay if a business deal that went sour is known by your neighbors and voters?  Have you been arrested for anything? Suspended driver’s license? Taken to small claim’s court? Be honest and realize all of it is fair game.
  9. Delegate. Can you delegate tasks and responsibilities to a campaign manager and other key members of your campaign team? You don’t have time to micro-manage.  It will increase your anxiety level and make for an unproductive, unhappy campaign team.
  10. Timing.  Love and politics both have one thing in common, timing. Is this the right time to run for political office?
  11. Domain Name.   Do you own your website address? Your domain?  Is your web address easy for people to remember?  Visit and secure your first and last name .Vote.
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    Ex. www.MikeSmith.Vote.
  12. Unthinkable. Say you give it your all and the unthinkable happens… and you lose. Can you and your family take it? Emotionally, financially, and socially?
  13. The stars align and you Win! Say the craziest thing that can happen does – and you do win. Do you really want to? Are you ready to give your all, even move if you have to. And in two years, four years, even six years; are you ready to do it all again?

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